It’s Giants Season!

Today is the first official day of baseball season! Coming off  a World Series Win (!!!!!!) the G-Men are still totally weird and for some reason people outside of SF and the McCoven don’t really seem to care too much about them. Would it be wrong to say I kind of like it that way? It just makes sense that San Francisco, which is just the weirdest city in America (or at least the West Coast) has the freakiest, funniest, quirkiest team in MLB.  Oh, and we have the best pitching rotation as well. And our #1 starting pitcher weighs less than 180 pounds and is essentially a grown up Mitch Kramer. What outsiders call a “rag tag team” turns out to be one helluva family. I’m excited to see the guys head into another season and prove that, once again, the SF Giants are an incredible team. Upon seeing someone in a Giants hat at the gym I just want to run up and be like, “Remember when [insert awesome 2010 World Series play]??!!” The Giants make us excited and bring us together, and essentially that is what baseball is all about. And winning…and they’re pretty good at that too.

The greatest moment ever?:

World Series Champions

I’m heading into San Francisco today for an interview workshop at the Kitchen Sisters Headquarters (where I am currently interning), and although the boys are all in Los Angeles to slay the Dodgers in a season opener, I expect and look forward to seeing a sea of orange and black all over SF. I will certainly be partaking. BEAT LA!

Come on Timmy, let ‘er rip!

Big Time Timmy Jim

Cheers to Opening Night!


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