Pick of the Week #1

My Lobotomy: Howard Dully’s Journey

Here is a link to a really interesting NPR story from a few years back. I think the social history of lobotomies in America is completely fascinating and equally disturbing. This piece, as well as many others (including an episode of American Experience on PBS) were part of the curriculum for the best class I ever took at UCSC: Sociology 137; – Deviance and Conformity: Embodied Deviance and Conforming Bodies (AKA Constructing Freaks, Lunatics, and Tramps) taught by Professor Francesca Guerra.

This class dealt with “pseudo-scientific, scientific, and sociological theories that have attempted to explain how and why certain bodies (by race, gender, class, sexuality, disability) were/are seen as threatening to society,” and we additionally learned about the many methods of social control.


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