“We Won’t Go Back”

In this video from MoveOn.org, House star Lisa Edelstein raises the issue of back alley abortions in the absence of access to legal and safe methods. With the threat of an impending Government shutdown based on an inability to pass a national budget, I think it is extremely necessary to confront the major issue of accessible reproductive healthcare for women – not just access to abortions (which, by the way, is NOT funded by the government), but HIV/STD testing, family planning, mammograms, cancer screenings, pregnancy prevention, and so many other important services that are already scarce in low-income areas. Planned Parenthood and other similar facilities provide vital health services to women of all ages, races, and incomes, including poor, working-, and middle-class. And this, essentially, is why I believe the Republicans in Congress are trying to defund women’s sexual health services and family planning organizations – it keeps women powerless and unable to make choices about our own bodies.

Someday soon I’ll delve further into this topic with a an audio or video piece, but until then here is a powerful and confrontational ad to get you thinking.

Not pro-abortion, pro-CHOICE.


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