Wait, What?: Walgreens Now Offering Pap Smears!

This is a new segment I would like to call: Wait, What? It’s my response to ridiculous things that people say in the media that are just so WRONG. Here is the first installment of Wait, What? in which hosts of Fox News show, Fox & Friends, argue against “abortion provider” Planned Parenthood, because services like pap smears and breast exams can be found at Walgreens. Now, while it would be pretty cool if Walgreens did offer these services, the fact is that they don’t. Where did these guys get this information from?

Thankfully, Walgreens has responded to the comments made on Fox, correcting this false information. Here is a direct link to the article from Media Matters For America.

I promise not all my blogging will be about Planned Parenthood and abortions. It’s just in the news a lot right now, and abortions are certainly part of the hidden history of women. Also, this is less about abortion and more about the fact that Fox News constantly relays false information to their viewers. oy vey.


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