Conservative media continues to spread fear of “black male sexual power”

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Fox Nation, a conservative news website operated by Fox News Channel, published a piece today about President Obama’s father called “A Slippery Character”: New Details Emerge About Obama’s father. With the release of Obama’s long-form birth certificate this week, many birthers are moving on to attack a different Obama: the president’s father, Barack Obama, Sr.

See, the president’s father was a dark-skinned African and apparently a womanizer, so we (Americans) should be very afraid. I’m sure if you investigated any number of past US presidents you would fine that many were the offspring of less-than-perfect parents. But let’s just call it what it is: racism.

There is no way to silence the birthers. We’ve established that. They’re a fringe group, and though I hope they stay that way, but this Fox Nation article is absolutely terrifying and proves beyond a reasonable doubt that birthers really just hate black people. Well, black men that have worked their way up to become Commander in Chief. The GOP is really pissed that the good ol’ boys club has been infiltrated by dark skin. So what do they do? They do everything they can to spread fear and delegitimize our nation’s first black president.

Adam Weinstein over at Mother Jones wrote a response to the Fox Nation piece, which can be found here. In response to the “breaking news” that Obama’s father was a womanizer, Weinstein does an excellent job of calling to attention the historical paranoia that the white community has harbored against black men, especially when those black men are found to be having sexual relations with white women. Remember, much of the lynching that was done in the American South after the Civil War and into the mid-20th century was in response to fear of “miscegnation” or race-mixing: white men did not want black men “defiling” their white women.

People get annoyed that people “play the racism card” and are being too politically correct about the whole birtherism thing, but this just shows how ignorant they are of the history of the persecution of black men and women in America.

I really like what Mr. Weinsten has to say, so I highly suggest you head over there and check it out!


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