Contemplating my Kickstarter Project

As recently blogged about, I’ve been thinking a lot about starting a project on, a crowd-sourcing website that allows people to raise money for their creative projects. Perhaps it’s because I’m having a difficult time finding a job that is relevant to my interests, or perhaps because I plan on going to
graduate school relatively soon and want to accomplish something really awesome in the meantime, but the idea of launching a Kickstarter project is really consuming my thoughts!

Writing about Cleveland’s West Side Market yesterday got me reminiscing about all the amazing public markets I’ve been to in North America, and I’m starting to think that I’d really love to create a book about these places! Though I haven’t officially launched the project, I have posted a proposal which you can view by clicking on this thumbnail:


So if you’d like to check it out and leave me comment I would love to hear your thoughts! Essentially, I feel that creating a book about public markets would allow me to combine my love of food and travel with my interests in immigrant history and local culture to provide an outline of public markets through a sociological lens. While doing some exploratory research (like Newt Gingrich!) I came across this already-published book: Public Markets, by Helen Tangires. I haven’t yet gotten my hands on a copy to check it out, but I think that my book would differ in that I would focus more on the individual stories of the people who have worked at these markets in the past decades/centuries and focus more on the sociology of these markets. Speaking with the DeCaro family at the West Side Market this weekend made me realize how many amazing stories there are lurking inside of these public markets, and taking inspiration from the Kitchen Sisters, I would focus more on the hidden histories of the marketplace.

I have so many other passions that I would love to create a project about though, including women’s rights, political satire, travel, and music, so it is certainly hard narrowing down what kind of project I want to pursue!

Do you think people would be interested in a book like the one I’ve proposed? Keep in mind I’m not asking for funding from you! I just want to know if you think this is a cool idea!


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