Help Me Support Planned Parenthood and Lizz Winstead’s tour!


Aha! My plan worked! I caught your attention with this cute puppy! Now keep reading….

If you read my blog I’m sure you are aware that I am highly invested in matters of women’s health – especially access to reproductive health clinics. So this week I set up an account on (which I have previously talked about), to raise money for Planned Parenthood!

Specifically, I am supporting Lizz Winstead (creator of the Daily Show and all-around funny person), who will be driving across the country this summer putting on stand-up shows to raise money for Planned Parenthood. Last week I was fortunate enough to attend a political satire writing workshop with Lizz at NextSpace Santa Cruz, which was incredibly informative, inspiring, and hilarious, and I want to give back to Lizz and Planned Parenthood by raising money to offset the costs of her shows and ensure that all proceeds go to supporting the clinics.  As you well know, Planned Parenthood provides essential sexual health services to you, me, your mother, sister, daughter, and friends – including those who might not otherwise be able to afford or have access to care. So it’s a pretty important organization! And the GOP is actively trying to dismantle access to women’s health care in this country, so your donation and support is extremely vital right now. Here is Lizz’s description of her plan to help:

Throughout 2010 and 2011, I have been selling out comedy shows throughout the country and now I want to bring these crowds in to shows that benefit Planned Parenthood. This summer, I am driving from Minnesota to Brooklyn and want to do shows that raise as much money, for as many Planned Parenthood Chapters as I possibly can along the way. In each city, I will provide an evening of laughter and inspiration, motivating folks to get active doing a comedy show full of material poking holes in the current state of our country, and sharing my personal story of how Planned Parenthood has played an important role in my life. Through humor, I want to bring a much needed catharsis as we deal with this national assault on women’s reproductive health.I am asking some of my talented friends to join me along the way. I want to create a cross-country excitement that shows America, “We are the face of Planned Parenthood,” and more importantly says,

“Thank You Planned Parenthood for being there for me, and together we will scream it from the top of our lungs,

“Planned Parenthood, I am here for you!”

 You can donate on my Crowdrise page here:

I’m sure many of you have  personally relied on PP for assistance with family planning, contraception, and health screenings, so I really hope you’ll consider contributing! You’ll also be helping women with limited access to reproductive information and health care. Your contribution will go directly to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. And I’m not saying that you’ll feel guilty for not helping out….but you probably will. And I’ll love you forever if you give!



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