Turkish Mayor Offers “Obvious” Solution to Sexual Harassment

I’ve been reading and writing a lot about rape, victim-blaming and slut-shaming recently. Maybe I’m just paying more attention now, or maybe the the recent SlutWalk phenomenon has helped vocalize the issues of sexual assault. It also seems that recently more and more people (mostly men) have been suggesting what they think are solutions to stopping sexual harassment. In actuality, these “solutions” are absurd and only work to further degrade women. As written about previously, a police officer in Toronto this year said that women should stop dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized (setting off a series of protests all over the world). And now Mayor Necmittin Dede from Turkey has offered up his own suggestion: women should just not leave the house.

Both these men (and countless others who have similar suggestions about avoiding sexual harassment/rape) essentially blame women, their behavior, their clothing, and their independence for their assaults. How did we come to blame women for their own rapes? It’s becoming frighteningly common for society to teach girls how not to be raped, instead of teaching people that they shouldn’t rape. Instead of suggesting that women stay inside the home (presumably “where they belong”), why didn’t the Turkish Mayor come out with a statement proclaiming that people shouldn’t assault others?

Lana Moore over at Jezebel wrote a great article on the topic. Check it out here.

UPDATE: Apparently a Scottish school has also suggested that school uniforms would help curb pedophilia rates. Right, because adult men pedophiles definitely don’t love a kid in uniform…..Jezebel’s Margaret Hartmann has it covered.


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