Who’s Really Destroying the Sanctity of Marriage?

Last week I wrote about the Arnold Schwarzenegger-illegitamite-love-child scandal. Specifically, I responded to Fox News contributor Dr. Keith Ablow’s argument that Maria Shriver should not seek a divorce because Arnold cheated on her and impregnated a household employee (who went on to give birth to the child within days of the birth of Maria and Arnold’s youngest son). Instead, Ablow argued that Maria should take this time to become closer to her  husband in his obvious time of need.

In my blog entry, I briefly brought up the fact that while many prominent and powerful male Republican politicians are caught in marriage-destroying affairs and sex scandals, the GOP continues to maintain it’s stance that it’s the LGBTQ community that is, in fact, responsible for destroying the sanctity of marriage and the traditional American family.

With the seemingly recent surge in political sex scandals (most of which seems to come from Republican side, although several left-leaning politicians have been caught in affairs as well), the continued attack on gay rights, and the opposition to gay marriage in this country is baffling to me. Luckily, I came across an entry from the Citings & Sightings blog on my favorite Sociology website, The Society Pages, on this very topic. Click over and check out Kyle Green’s entry, which deconstructs a Huffington Post editorial about heterosexual privilege and adultery.


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