The Continuing Saga of Sarah Palin and Her Star of David Necklace

“They are completely conflicting ideologies, and that does not make you a citizen of the world, it makes you full of sh*t.”

                     – Forgetting Sarah Marshall, 2008

I just can’t stop thinking about Sarah Palin’s terrible abuse of the Jewish symbol – the Star of David – for her own political benefit. It is really disturbing to me. Yet the absurdness of it — a staunchly Christian, “Bible-beleiving” woman wearing the symbol of a people who fully REJECT the idea of Jesus-as-savior — must be pointed out and laughed at. She really knows how to make herself an easy target. I know that some Evangelical Christians claim a strong connection to the Holy Land, but really, come on. I just can’t ignore how offensive Palin wearing the Jewish Star necklace is. So here’s a little follow up of things I’ve been reading, other people’s reactions to the necklace, etc.

Sarah Palin’s Defilement of the Magen David, by Mark Axelrod via Speak Without Interruption

The Audacity of Sarah Palin (and her Jewish Star), by Jeff Pearlman via

Sarah Palin Pandering by Wearing Jewish Star of David, by Mark Berman via Opposing Views

Huffington Post commentors respond to Palin’s Star of David: Here, Here, and Here.

I also liked what commenter Carrie had to say in reaction to my original blostpost on the topic: Palin’s a “Narcissist– pimping out icons one religion at time.”

Now I sit and wait for Jon Stewart to take on this topic. Come on!



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5 responses to “The Continuing Saga of Sarah Palin and Her Star of David Necklace

  1. Um, no. No, no. You don’t get it. I assume you are from one of the coasts? As is everyone else you quoted.

    Please read this:

    The fundies think Israel is THEIRS.

  2. PS: I used to work with a fundie who wore a Star of David ring, as I mentioned in the post. I can’t believe how the trendy liberals have never HEARD of this tradition out here in the heartland, which isn’t uncommon at all among gentiles.

    Why don’t you read/quote one of us redneck Christians who might explain the reasons for this to you, rather than going straight to the clueless Huffington Post? (?)

    • Well considering on her bus tour Palin wore a giant cross one day (at a biker rally) and a Jewish star the next day while in NY (the jewish capital of America?), it looks like pandering to me and lots of other people who have criticized Palin’s wearing of the Jewish star.

      Also, Christian Fundamentalists who wear the Star of David wear it for a different reason than Jews do. The Jewish Star to us (Jewish people) represents our ancestry, our shared struggle, our collective history, our religion (which is fundamentally different than Christianity), our pride, our culture, our community, etc.

      So I think it is ok to offended by a political figure (who has no connection to the Jewish community/religion/culture/) wearing this symbol for the cameras. She specifically stated that she wore the necklace because, “Today is the 44th anniversary of Jerusalem being reunited. We want to call attention to that.” Right there she admits why she was wearing the necklace. Not because she thinks it’s pretty, or because Jesus was Jewish, or because it is common for Christians to wear the star. She had specific political motivations for wearing the Star of David. I don’t know any Jew who wears a Star of David for political reasons.

      It doesn’t matter to me if Christians in general wear the Jewish Star (although I don’t particularly like it), but I am offended by Sarah Palin’s use of the symbol to pander. Does that make sense?

    • also, Huffington Post commentators come from all over the US, not just the coastal states. So I don’t think it was ineffective to link to these comments.

  3. Yes, it makes sense. Palin is dog-whistling in my opinion. I assure you, I know Jews don’t wear the Star of David for the same reasons Christians do, but she is deliberately signaling to the Left Behind Christians (see my post) that she agrees with them. What she says to the mainstream media is one thing, what she says to her fundie faithful is another.

    In fact, in this matter, she doesn’t have to clarify a thing; it was another of her trademark winks.

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