Homecoming Queen Football Heroes, Marathon Rules, and Suzy Hotrod, AKA What’s New in the World of Women’s Professional Sports (Part 4)

This is part four in an ongoing series about women athletes. See part one here, part two here, and part three here

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Here are some awesome, and painfully disturbing (I’m looking at you International Association of Athletics Federations) articles about female athletes and athleticism.

Reebok is in trouble over it’s misleading ad campaign for their EasyTone shoes. Apparently, wearing special shoes with “balance pods” will not magically make your ass look great. Also, if your campaign is about toning and athleticizing (just made that word up) a woman’s body, you might want to think about not creating such a “sexist and objectifying ad campaign based on this faulty claim that promises the shoes will, among other things, ‘make your boobs jealous of your ass.'”

Suzy Hotrod, who plays for Gotham Girls Roller Derby and is Co-captain of Team USA Roller Derby, is a featured athlete in ESPN Magazine’s annual Body Issue hitting stores Friday, October 7th! Alongside world-famous Olympian Apolo Ohno, soccer hero Hope Solo,  baseball’s Jose Reyes, and gold medal gymnast Alicia Sacramone is a freakin’ ROLLER DERBY player! Man alive that feels good! It is a huge boost to the roller derby community that one of the sport’s top athletes is being recognized by THE magazine of sport authority. Read Suzy’s blogpost about what a huge honor it is to be recognized along with some of the world’s greatest athletes! And don’t forget to pick up a copy of the Body Issue tomorrow…..incredible photos of incredible bodies….and naked athletes….yep.

Suzy Hotrod in ESPN Mag's The Body Issue

On a bummer note, according to a Jezebel piece, a new law has been passed to ensure that women who run marathons alongside men can no longer set world records. Yes, you heard right: “…as of January 1 of next year, [runner Paula Radcliffe’s record marathon time in the London Marathon] will be wiped from the annals of marathon world records. Why? Because the London Marathon allows women to run alongside male pacemakers, and officials from the International Association of Athletics Federations have decided that running alongside these men makes women artificially faster.” As the SF Gate points out, this new rule is offensive, impractical and confusing. Not to mention incredible sexist, unfair, and just ridiculous.

I’ll leave you with this awesome story:

“Brianna Amat, a senior at Pickney Community High School near Ann Arbor, Mich…became the first girl on Pickney’s varsity football squad this year after her soccer coach suggested she try out for the kicker’s spot, according to the New York Times…At halftime during Friday’s game, Amat and another teammate were told to head from the locker room to the field because they had been picked for the homecoming court. So wearing her football gear, Amat headed to homecoming festivities and discovered she had actually been voted queen.”

After she won Homecoming Queen, she finished up the football game by kicking a 31-yard field goal, earning her team a 9-7 win. Victory.


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