Back with a vengeance: Mad Men!

Both women grapple with the same question in “The Other Woman” — just how much am I worth? — but they come up with completely different answers. This may be the saddest thing in one of the saddest episodes of “Mad Men” I can recall: Despite their shared experiences, there’s a gulf between Peggy and Joan that can never quite be bridged.

Yes, I’ve been MIA for several months. In addition to getting more hours at work I have been spending a lot of time playing roller derby with Santa Cruz Derby Girls. Since February I have been a member of the Seabright Sirens (undefeated in 2012 thank you very much) and am serving as the point for the PR committee….so it’s safe to say I’ve had my hands full!

I do miss blogging though, and will try to post more often from now on. Today I want to link to a recap of last night’s Mad Men episode from the LA Times Blog:

Mad Men’ recap: A woman’s worth

Breaking down the emotional roller coaster that was Season 5, Episode 11 (whoa! we’re already on episode 11?!), author Meredith Blake delves headfirst into the overwhelming misogyny central to “The Other Woman.” To be sure, the episode was mainly concerned with exploring the  show’s main female characters; two very different but smart and savvy females in a non-female friendly business. From a dirty deal that will both confuse and sicken Man Men fans, to the rebirth and renewed assertion of the show’s heroine, last night’s episode proved that one of the running themes of the show is that not everything is what it seems. Show creator Matthew Weiner clearly has no qualms about allowing his characters to act unexpectedly and do things that seem uncharacteristic; in fact, this is perhaps what makes the show so compelling.

“The Other Woman” was equal parts sentimental, rage-inducing, powerful, and smart. I suggest reading Meredith Blake’s recap to explore some of the more complex themes of working women at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.  Oh, and spoiler alert.


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